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Zion Cases continuously develops new products that provide each individual card collector exactly what they need to protect their cards. Whether it be for trade nights, card shows or traveling by air to different events; Zion Cases is determined to be the leading supplier for all card storage options in the card collecting industry.

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Wednesday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
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Yes, we buy cards everyday. We need to see the condition of the cards and make sure that your cards are items that our customers are interested in.

For sports cards, we prefer to buy numbered cards, relic cards, autograph cards, and other unique cards.

For other trading cards, we have similar rules; we prefer to buy unique cards.

Please bring your cards to the store for an evaluation!

We aim to have a robust selection of sports and other trading cards, from hangers and blasters, to hobby boxes, to raw and graded cards.

We are not expanding our memorabilia inventory at this time.

Retail boxes are cards that you can buy at (nearly) any "big box" retailer. Hobby boxes are exclusive products that typically offer guaranteed "hits" - numbered cards, relic cards, autograph cards, etc... Retail boxes are usually at a lower price point with no guaranteed "hits", while hobby boxes are more expensive with guaranteed "hits".

A raw card is a card that has not been graded by on of the many grading companies.

A graded/slabbed card has been professionally evaluated and carefully inspected for flaws. Cards are graded on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being a card in perfect, or Gem Mint, condition.

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