Book Your Private Event at Hobby Card Shop!

From birthday parties to fantasy football drafts, there's no better place for your next party!

Have you heard? Hobby Card Shop is quickly becoming Jupiter's most popular location for birthday parties and other private events! 

So, how does it work?
We require that events are hosted outside of standard business hours. We are open Wednesday-Saturday from 10a-6p, and 11a-4p on Sundays. This means that you can schedule your private event anytime on Monday's and Tuesday's, as early as 6:15pm Wednesday-Saturday, or Sunday mornings/afternoons. 

What is included?
We will provide tables, chairs, and tablecloths, as well as our time. You are welcome to bring decorations to enhance the experience if that is your preference!

How many guests can I invite?
We have had as many as 50 guests and as few as five.  

Are outside food and beverages allowed?
Yes, outside food and beverages are allowed! Whether you want to bring in a fully catered set up, or grab pizzas from next door, you are welcome to bring in your own food and beverages. We also have a standing cooler as well as a refrigerator on site that you are welcome to use. We do not provide ice, plates, cups, napkins, etc...

Walk me through a typical party...
Most parties begin at 6:15pm, when guests begin to arrive, though hosts are welcome to arrive as early as 6:05p. Arriving shortly before your guests arrive allow you to get a lay of the land and prepare to receive your guests. During the 15 minute interval of our store closing and guests arriving, we will be setting up tables and chairs. We can also help with placing decorations, goodie bags, setting up food stations, etc...  If you are serving food this typically happens immediately upon your guests arrival. We do ask that anyone that is eating is seated (I think we can all appreciate that pizza grease and sports cards don't mix well and we want to keep our inventory protected). Once finished eating guests typically begin shopping - individual cards, packs, boxes etc... They excitedly show off their scores to each other and even make trades with one another. Once the shopping settles down it is typically time for cake/photos/happy birthday songs, etc... The party comes to a close and everyone goes home. Alternatively we have found great success with Sunday morning parties with Jupiter Donuts, coffee, and juice. 

How much does this cost?
We charge $150.00 for 1.5 hours. We have found this duration to be the sweet spot of everyone having a great time and not losing anyone's attention. Accommodations can be made for longer parties, like Fantasy Drafts, at an additional cost. In addition to the base fee, we ask that you spend $25 per attending guest. Typically, this is done in the form of Hobby Card Shop Gift Cards. 

I'm ready to book my event, how do I get the ball rolling?
Contact us via any of the methods listed below to check the availability of your preferred date. To officially lock in your date, you must pay the $150.00 cash fee, in person. Once the fee has been paid, your date will be locked in and you can begin inviting guests. Gift cards can be purchased the day of the event (which allows for last minute guest additions of cancellations). 

Contact us today to book your next event!
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